Established approximately concurrently:

1788 Cincinnati and

the new 1793 Commonwealth of Kentucky

[9 original Virginia counties partitioned from Virginia to be the 15th state (commonwealth) of the 17-year old U.S.]

occurred in the context of departures from the established colonies east of the the Appalachians in the form of exploratory ventures initially facilitated down the Ohio River.

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likely from the highest, most proximal viewpoint, now Filson Park
(prior to the flattening of its prominence for the modern ballField),
gazing infinitely over Kentucky’s vagina – the Licking River --
(a view rudely interrupted by P&G’s Dolly Partons)
Filson envisioned and is said to have spent 1-2 days notching trees to indicate street lines; and drafted the plat of the street grid enduring today,
defining the new riverPort city, Filson named Losantiville.
a condensation of 4 diverse language terms indicating (reverse processing):
City opposite the mouth of the Licking river.

Upon the arrival of:
flat-boaters coming downstream from Limestone (now Maysville)
headed by John Cleves Symmes with his “chief surveyor” Israel Ludlow,
on 1788 sep22, Symmes led the public dedication of the lands in accordance with Filson’s plat.


Chronicle of events.  (updated 141018 /extended as time/interest allows)

Initial descriptions provided by the Louisville museum/library honoring John Filson.

Filson's Map -- first of the mysterious wilderness beyond early American civilization, becoming popular in Europe as well, especially in France.  One of those original 9 counties was named Bourbon County, honoring the French Prince who provided men and money to support the westward reach.

While Daniel Boone is better known, this is because of Boone's story as recorded/reported by John Filson whose Map is testamony to Filson's broad travels and expert survey, that finally led to his founding of Cincinnati prior to his questionable demise.

For many years subsequent to Filson's service memorialized in Louisville, there was little acknowledgement of his role in founding Cincinnati, until when the City of Cincinnati graded a flat spot off the summit of Prospect Hill to make a baseball field and swimming pool administered now as Filson Playground by the Recreation Commission.  Apparently, it was deemed the site from which Filson may have obtained the best view of the basin enabling his design of the street grid we enjoy to this day.