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The background for this page Larger Site is provided separately/completely, constructed 1990 in AutoCAD from 3D data from CAGIS Horizontal lines are right-of-way (RoW) lines spaced 40'. 

The lowest RoW in this model is Boal Street, named after Dr. Robert Boal (1806-1903), evidently an important moral and political influence on Abe LincolnIn Cincinnati, 1831may, Boal married Christina St. Clair - unlikely related to General Arther St.Clair (who replaced the 1788 name LosAntiVille provided by its founder John Filson, 2 years after Filson's curious death between Dayton and LosAntiVille)The mid-vertical 20' RoW is Drake Alley, named after Dr. Daniel Drake (1785-1852), about which a page might arise here, accorded a leading role in medical history; 1819 a founder of the Medical College of Ohio in Cincinnati, from which Boal graduated 1828; then 1834 moved to Lincoln country, IL.  His departure was concurrent with that of the first class of grad students at the Lane Seminary in Walnut Hills during residence here of the Beechers.  

In the complete Larger Site, atop the NE corner is the tan brick buiding presiding over the aqua 25m swim pool, adjacent to ballField and swingSet within Filson Park, bounded by Ringgold on North, then clockwise: Young, Pueblo, and Josephine.  John Filson is thought to have occupied this summit (before it was flattened for the ballField) in order to establish the existing streetGrid of downtown Cincinnati - some of which we now ride on rails (again)10 years younger than Daniel Boone, Filson wrote the story of Boone, describing the pristine eden long enjoyed by buffalo and native Americans.  Filson made the world-famous first map of America west of the Appalachians: Kentucke.  1788 September, Filson blazed the trail from Lexington to found Cincinnati, following the highRidge of the Cincinnati Arch.  This trail is America's most significant! -- the basis, in turn for:  Southern RR, Dixie Hwy, and I-75, the primary artery amidst the most populous NorthAmerica.

One block north of City Hall, is the Lloyd Library, named after John Uri Lloyd (1849-1936), whose father, perhaps drawn by Dr. Drake's obituary, or nationally respected colleges of medicine, moved his family of 3 sons, from Bloomfield (S of Rochester) NY > to Boone County, KY in 1853.  The educated sons formed the nation's eminent pharmacy in Cincinnati, led by eldest John Uri Lloyd.  After 4 years apprenticing with Gordon, then Eger, Lloyd was engaged, by Merrell:  to conduct "the systematic study of our materia medica" - and  became the father of Pharmacognosy

This led to eminent leadership within the Cincinnati medical schools -  attracting - from BeattyVille, at the fork of the Kentucky River - a student educated 1885-6 under surgeon Dr. Andrew Jackson Howe in the Cincinnati Eclectic Medical Institue during Lloyd's tenure 1878-1895.  The Beattyville Doctor, my greatGrandFather Simpson Lutes, returned for updated education with Lloyd in 1912, bringing my grandPa, at 17, to work on the streetCar while studying architecture at the new Ohio Mechanics Institute (Emory/OCAS > UC >?) Central Parkway & Walnut, which ground floor now serves Coffee in the Emporium.  OMI > OCAS > now at:  Cincinnati State Technical & Community College.

1972 @ williams.edu senior year completing major in phenomenology of religion, i had decided to pursue medical studies, finishing physics 102 first in the new computer-aided self-paced class.  After grad, for the summer, i rented an efficiency on Probasco while completing a full year of organicChem at UC, then a full load of preMed for the autumn quarter, renting/rehabbing a neglected building on Torrence Lane.  A classmate from organicChem invited me to his apartment on Pueblo enabling the gaze including the roof below wherein Alan invited me as a houseMate prior to leaving for his marriage, and leaving me, in 73, pup Murphy (77 03 wise sire).  While new UC MedSchool was being completed, i poured a slab to relocate the tool shed from the porch, opening the south view (over the dogHouse).  VWbug over Highland to -  UCmed 7309-7605.

7606 - Hired by father WilliamRobert, DMD, orthodontist, to learn/supervise reconstruction of 1895 3-1/2-story termitarium into dental office for my only elder brother, GaryRobert [1948oct21-1986mar10].  The building endures as a national monument.  1977 08 19 owner 425 Pueblo after more than 4 years of renting/rehabbing, gardening:  Enjoy this piece GOD lets me tend.

77 dba:  Repairs & Renovation by John Schmidt  > >  78  act7 >> 07 schmidtPro  >> 14 earthPa.

Some historical elements:

79 Taft Broadcasting roost

80 Taft - Firehouse > O1a

84 HillsideTrust initiative

84 04 30 Cincinnati womb

84 Mayor Arn Bortz

84 Committee Chair Pete Strauss

84 Pueblos

85 Nagoya Castle

86 Letter to Enquirer not published

89 Taft > Renaissance Investments

89 Strauss

90 Suburbs back to City

90 Renaissance -Terrizzi

90 Larger Site

90 schmidt proposal

90 letter to Council Members - example Strauss

90 10 22-23 Council Calendar

90 10 24 Council Calendar

91 11 01 from Mayor Mann

Those who do not look upon themselves as a link connecting the past with the future do not peform their duty to the world.  -- Daniel Webster

The infancy of our city has been guarded and guided by  unseen forces, but its maturity must more and more be characterized by conscious plans and purposed effort.  -- 1909 Rev/ Augustus Waldo Drury