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 PropertyTax Abatement in Cincinnati

(reverse chronological order)



2020   for all to enjoy - Cincy/geology/geography/economy/ecology


2008    presented to KY leaders during rental of subject dwelling


19 08 15     prior - not active:  sent by eMail to 9 members of Working Group



19 04 92

    A working group was established, coordinating with

    Cincinnati Community & Economic Development - leading to:

    Apr02 6-8pm meeting at Mt Auburn Elementary (north end of Young St)


  A.  Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes provided County/State overview

        in relation to Cincinnati Tax Abatement Program - applied by County Auditor

  B.  Vice-Mayor Smitherman offered perspective from City

  C.  Carol Gibbs represented community

  D.  City Departmental representation included

            discussion organizer, 

            and cohort who was seated across from

            42-year owner/resident john,

            in one of 7 discussion groups of 8-12,

            led by 30-year Mt Auburn owner/resident.


2 reports from group 2:   g2a.jpg    g2b.jpg


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Below are downloadable zipped video segments of the event:


  MB      minutes      report


    86        02:58       Smitherman.MOV.zip

1412        48:32        [group of 10

  211        07:16        group discussion concludes]

    54        01:51        intro reporting        

    50        01:43        group 1

    65        02:15                2

    99        03:24                3.MOV.zip

    65        02:15                4

    57        01:58                5

    60        02:03                6

    46        01:34                7.MOV.zip

  124        04:15         wrap-Up


Hand-written paraphrasals by group-leaders

will be transcribed by City and provided on web:          




2018 09 05  Motion to Council by Smitherman & Dennard:

                    Review Tax Abatement Program per Planning Dept: Samantha McLean et al

            Law: Ohio Revised Code:  715.263; 3735.65-70; 4503.064-0610; 5715.19

                        Cinci Ordinances:  274-2017;  276-2017





            2014 Aug:  began development --> yet trashy / incomplete 2020 Jan 16

Below are reports of Pueblo Street developments,

yet incomplete since 2014 August devegetation of urban basin green wall. 

Developer and workers continue trashy disrespect of expanded RoW.





15 07 12


Pueblo Street Improvement  (and Filson wall)


Hillside Stabilization  (Great wall)


Dwelling Units

- Pueblo

435,  437,  439,  441,  443


- Boal

436, 438 ______  444, 446

(Existing dwelling at 440.  442 may be reserved for space adjacent to 440.)



Hillside Overlay District

Cincinnati Municipal Code 1433


1975 Hillside Guidelines








In summary:  development as proposed was approved with one exception on "Lot 10", the most SouthWest - a new lot split from the existing lot addressed 429 Pueblo St.

No mention was made of Pueblo St (other than as lot boundary) in the DECISION by Hearing Examiner Beridon.


150208 Notes


1.  Upon close of the Jan 21 Hearing, Hearing Examiner Beridon announced he would make a decision in about 4 weeks.  In fact, the DECISION was issued in 16 days.

2.  On Jan 29, back to the Zoning office, as invited by Examiner Beridon,  john carefully examined the 16pgs of 2'x3' drawings of proposed development including plan, profile and sections of "Realignment of Pueblo Street", indicating excavation of vegetation north of existing Pueblo for a distance greater than 60' horizontal, basically scraping off the treeBrow of the hillside along the upper 220' of Pueblo St west of Young St.

3.  Next, john visited with Bryan Williams, Supervising Engineer, DoTE on 4thFl City Hall.  Mr. Williams provided an 8x14 plan of the development representing only the existing outlines of Pueblo St. -- indicating no other plans were available to him, and that the project had not yet been formally assigned for review, therefore unaware of proposed "Realignment" which i described, to which he stated twice that DoTE would require a "retaining wall" obviating the said scraping, preserving the treeBrow.


150209-08:41 eMailed to Thomas Beridon, Peter McGarey, Dan Jones (FilsonPk), Bryan Williams, Eric Russo (HillsideTrust) >>

Mr Beridon:

Thank you for facilitating my review of the proposed development south of Filson Park.  Also yesterday i enjoyed discussions with Steve Briggs, and Bryan Williams, Supervising Engineer DOTE.

The 8x14 print Bryan produced was not updated by realignment spec depicted on the 16-pg 2x3’ set in your office indicating vegetation-destruction grading rather than retaining wall.  He indicated a retaining wall would be required which substantially addresses my primary concern for vegetation retention north of Pueblo St.  He indicated Dan Jones would be the contact from the Rec division of Parks & Recreation regarding affectation of Filson Park.

 Thank you for suggesting a time for me to visit again with further discussion on the proposal.



AutoReply from Dan Jones referred me to forward to CRC Joe Schwind, RA, Senior Architect

whose query i answered before noon:

The ZH20140126 Zoning Hearing id facilitates inquiry to the following primary docs:

a) 16-pg set of Civil Engineering sitePlan dwgs by Mark Walker, PE,PS.

b) 28-pg 8x11 geoTec report by Dr. Olusegun (Shegun) Akomolede, PE.

review of which yesterday enables my initial grasp of the project, defined by:

10 detached, single-family units, covering the hillside south of Filson Park bounded by Young St steps, Pueblo & Boal, and non-participating 50’ parcel on the west, beyond which – a single parcel on a new split of 086-0002-0132-00.

The consequential new “load” drives improvement and possible realignment of Pueblo St.

Glad for more discussion at your convenience.

Thank you, sincerely,

john  513-532-6223



150128  Report on 440 Boal Street proposed development

  pursuant to initial Zoning Hearing 2015 Jan 21  10:00

  at Suite 110  805 Central Ave  45202

Officiated by Thomas.Beridon@Cincinnati-OH.gov

attended by: 

john and Joe, adjacent owners;

Peter McGarey, developer/builder

Peter McGarey, Jr.

Dr. Olusegun (Shegun) Akomolede, P.E. Geotechnical Engineer

Mark Walker, P.S., P.E., Surveyor and Civil Engineer

Joseph E. McGee, Architect

and Ty Hall, co-op student of Construction Management


Initial brief upon first access to Zoning project site

Initial notes upon first read of geotechnical report

After limited review of zoning code and focus on "Hillside Guidelines":

    1975 Hillside Guidelines

     Excel sheet report of assessment by john of compliance

        Pdf of Excel sheet


3-pg excerpt of proposed new Land Development Code - Draft 2 of 3 (9M),

inviting public comment through 2015 Jan 30,

 referencing document unavailable via internet search:

"A Hillside Protection Strategy for Greater Cincinnati", 1991.

 presumably available from


        representing also said 1975 Hillside Guidelines.



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