Accomplishment with Constructive Technologies

  1973-81       summary of customer service




  2000 --->  schmidtPro


As the ad depicts, the number 7 is an efficient symbol

comprising 2 segments,


1. the elemental join.

construction is the binding / fastening of elements

into a useful whole. 

Join of the elements,

at the base, joined to earth.

2. balance.

the whole endures in a steadfast balance of forces.

If the left edge of each segment is vertically plumb (as in the ad - drawn from a constructed 7), the platform is level on the supporting wall.

3. dynamic

the counterbalance achieves the cantilever, nearly magical freedom of apparent support.

4. clean.

While the artist may introduce a gentle curve in the supporting segment, evoking the stress of its counterbalance, it is commonly a horizontally level platform, and longer stand -- two simple lines.

5. elegant.

the least ambiguous of all characters, always clear in purpose, numbering days in our primary cosmic cycle of living -- within construction.