2018 07 09            johnís maternal ancestry


Christopher Columbus Lutes (1832-1909)        married         Lucinda Roberts (1833-1900)

 children       F        Adda

                    m       Francis Marion

                    m       Thomas J

                    m       Simpson >>

                    m       Edwin

                    F        Elizabeth

                    F        Priscilla  (name of original American Lutes matriarch, late 1700s)

                    m       Christopher Columbus (Jr.)


>>Simpson Lutes (1859-1941)                       married         Anna F Brandenburg (1865-1940)

 children      F        Essie Mae

                    F        Cora A.

                    m       Lloyd Hardin married Gladys

                                        whose child Fernita is attorney, former Lexington,KY councilmember

                    F        Maude Alma

                    m       Roy Christopher >>

                    m       Robert Nelson (1897-1970)

                    F        Sarah Ellen

                    m       Benjamin Franklin (1901-1984)

                                        who fathered 3 children, including Robert (1940-1975)

                    F        Amy Catherine

                    F        Omega Vern

                    F        Florence Ernestine

          All 7 females and all 4males except Roy earned at least Bachelorís degrees.

Roy studied at Berea College and 1912- Ohio Mechanics Inst in new bldg Walnut & CentralPwy.

GrandPa Roy survived all sibs:  farmer, builder, rural carrier, twice PostMaster of Florence, KY;

built:  Gun Powder Road and 1st stone building at headwater of Gun Powder Creek;

1st brick ranch in Florence; 1st two buildings for Cincinnati Bell in Florence.

Founder of Florence Rotary; boards:  YMCA, Savings&Loan, et al.


>>1:  Roy Christopher (1895-1998)           married         Stella Thompson (1900-1946)

 children       F       Jean (1919-2018)  & Brad:  BarbaraAnn, Beverly, Bonnie, & Brad Jr.

                    m       Thomas Glen (1921-2013) & Vivian:

                                Thomas Walker (1949jan-2018jul), Paul, Roy, Andrew, Karl, & Marianna

                    m       Marvin          & Martha, (Mrs. Kentucky):  William & Anne Francis

                    F        Mary Evelyn >>>

                    F        Barbara        & Charles:  Charles, Barbara Anne & John Lloyd

                    F        Anna            & Richard:  Jennifer & John


>>2:  in 1948, Roy    married       Mary Hood Gillaspie, M.S.

                              1st BooneCounty KY Extension Agent / 1st female Florence Councilmember


>>>Mary Evelyn, (1926-2016)  married 1948jan25  William Robert Schmidt, DMD, M.S.

 children       m      Gary Robert (1948-1986) Dentist, married Katherine Rensing

                                        whose children:  Melissa and Suzanne shine on... each with son.

                    m       john randall (1950   walked at 8mos; incurred polio at 13mos..

                                         2000  married Deborah Sue Britton Smith - amicably dissolved: 2015 03 03

                    m       Stephen William (1952-2005)

                    m       Marvin (1955_) died shortly after birth of spinal meningitis

                    m       David Barton (1958 -          married         1        no children

                                                                      married         2 Elizabeth Ferrell

                                        whose children:  Barton, William, Samuel, and Mattie shine on...

                                                                      married         3 Shannon

                    m       Benjamin Daniel (1960-      married         Julie

                                        whose children:  Benjamin, Margaret, David, and Graham  shine on...

                    F        Linda Anne (1962-             married         Brian



>>William Robert Schmidt (1922-1982) died on the handball court in Cincinnati.

After football and baseball at U. Toledo, his elder buddy, Tom, in the Louisville School of Dentistry, introduced Dad to Mom, later watching Dadís dental practice while Dad drove weekly to Columbus for orthodontics, graduating 1st in class.

The only child of his married Toledo parents:

-mother Adelia (Poland1893-1967) came 1919.  

-father John (Poland 1891-1948) came 1902, operated a bakery.

 died in a car accident on the way back to Toledo after visiting the birth of his first grandson Gary.