2016 02 23

 intent is what all brains seek to discern among/about other brains,

to survive / thrive and complement the living, on which we depend

 -- more broadly than commonly understood.

learning our origin enables knowing ontogeny leading to understanding intent

(the basis of harmonious motoring).

john has enjoyed learning and doing; and wishes to share joyful fruit, knowing, reporting, and doing. 


the most powerful word/mneme1.

the briefest/mostComprehensive of all sentences.

the human innovation mneme is paramount to intention/abstraction/invention >> do.

To understand john, we begin with evident precedents, add acquired credentials, then consider what john do.

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1.  mneme; the subject of expanded thesis intended by john who prefers mneme over meme to expand the concept distorted by Dawkins2 and more properly illustrated by Flannery3.  john will endeavor to add a 4th line at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mneme_(disambiguation) for mneme as i believe it applies most generally to its role as a building block of understanding, instrumental in knowledge engineering.

2.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme

3.  Here on Earth, A Natural History of the Planet, 2010 by Tim Flannery